About Us

Let’s talk about Willis Sinclair Homes. We are a custom home builder located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. We specialize in building top quality homes for discriminating clients who desire efficiency, economy, sustainability, and durability in their homes. Our personalized and friendly service before, during and after construction is what truly sets us apart from any other home builder. We take pride, not only in our homes, but in providing our clients with a most pleasurable and enjoyable home building process. Our clients are our friends and we will do everything in our power to be sure that building and owning their home is one of the most positively memorable experiences that they will ever have.

Want to learn more about Willis Sinclair Homes? We are a custom home builder located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina that specializes in building ...

There is an old joke in engineering design circles that goes like this:

Fast. Cheap. Quality.
Pick any two.

At Willis Sinclair Homes, we have two problems with this joke. One problem we have with this is that we don’t build “cheap.” We build very cost efficiently, not cheaply. Homes built by us are built to last generations. We also don’t restrict you to choosing two of these options – at Willis Sinclair Homes, you get all three: A Fast, High Quality and Cost Efficient home.


The Willis Sinclair Homes Version:

Fast. Cost Efficient. High Quality.
You get all three!

Call or come by and we will show you how we price new homes. Our proposals are very detailed to reflect the details in your home. We will be happy to explain the benefit of every detail that we include. Our houses are built well because we build them as if they were our own.

Another thing you’ll like about Willis Sinclair Homes is that we use computers and sophisticated software programs to track every aspect of your home as it is being built. We anticipate when supplies need to arrive and work needs to begin. Using these methods we ensure that every job finishes on budget and on schedule.

We invite you to call our previous customers and talk with them. We work very hard for their referrals and will work just as hard for yours. Willis Sinclair Homes doesn’t play games with pricing, change orders or deceptively vague contracts. If you want stress free home building, please call us.