We get cards and letters from our friends and customers. Although knowing we did the very best job possible for our customers is a reward, it is also nice to have others recognize it.




“Thanks Bill. We have been very pleased with the professionalism and communication during this project. As discussed, we were concerned with ‘long distance building’ but you made it easy with your updates and detail. When/if we decide to build a guest house we will get you involved. ” – Jennifer H



“I appreciate you looking out for us and the house. ” – Jessica B.



“I had the pleasure to visit Lowcountry Plantation a couple of weeks ago, and I very pleased to say that it looks wonderful! Ponds did a great job there, and my impression is that the owners are very satisfied. I owe you very high compliments for executing the design and finish so that the addition does NOT look like an addition. That is much harder to do than the reverse, and I thank you very much for your efforts.” – John H



“I am so impressed with your professionalism and thorough analysis. We will review this proposal this weekend and get right back to you. I am excited to be moving forward with this project!! Thank you soooo much.” – Harry W


We enlarged and converted a bathroom for handicapped access for John H. This is a note he sent us.

“I really did appreciate the card you sent me. Eddie and I want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I think the Lord sent you to me. I was having several problems with my wife and you all really helped me in some trying times. Stop by sometime when you’re over this way. God Bless you all! – John H