April 2009

Willis Sinclair Homes

Willis Ponds, President

South Carolina Lowcountry’s

New – Old Homebuilder!

Expert Residential Construction

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Ponds & Sons, our previous company was:

#407 on the Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing private companies in 2008!

#18 on the Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing private construction companies in 2008!

24 Gabriel Road

Lodge, South Carolina 29082


(coming soon!)


843 846 2500

April 2009

Introducing …

Willis Sinclair Homes

A new custom homebuilder will soon be on the scene here in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Willis Sinclair Homes will be a fresh, technically savvy, customer driven custom homebuilder. The corporate paperwork should be finalized within a few days, but we could not wait to spread the good news.

Of course, there are some who would question anyone starting a construction company in the midst of one of the worst slumps in the housing market in many years. At Willis Sinclair, we believe there will always be a demand for excellent homebuilders who work hard to build exactly what our customers want. That is exactly what we intend to do.

Willis is one of the founders and co-owners of Ponds & Sons Construction Company, Inc., a builder who build a number of homes on Brays Island. Under his direction, Ponds & Sons grew rapidly and was even included on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the United States last year. Ponds & Sons was the 18th fastest growing privately held construction companies in the country!

As it sometimes happens with closely held family companies, the two co-owners were diverging in their goals for the company. Sometimes, this results in the collapse or stagnation of the company. Rather than see this happen, Willis Ponds decided to start Willis Sinclair Homes. He will remain a shareholder, but not an officer in Ponds & Sons.

Willis teamed up with Bill Burdick, a retired Professional Engineer who had also worked at Ponds & Sons to form Willis Sinclair, Inc. They are planning to use the name Willis Sinclair Homes in their custom residential home construction.

www.willissinclair.com is coming very soon. Watch for it!

Willis Sinclair, Inc.

dba Willis Sinclair Homes

Willis Ponds, President


© 2009, Willis Sinclair, Inc

Willis Sinclair Homes

Within a few days, Willis Sinclair will be incorporated in the state of South Carolina. The co-owners are Willis Ponds and Bill Burdick. They worked together for several years previously at Ponds & Sons.

Willis Ponds (left) and Bill Burdick, founders of Willis Sinclair, Inc.

Of course, there are a many questions which arise when a company is spun off an existing company. Willis and Bill will continue the tradition of excellent customer service they stressed while they were working at Ponds & Sons. To make sure all previous customers are covered, they are even taking over warranty responsibility for the jobs they managed while at their previous company! We are very comfortable doing this because we build very high quality work and know there will be very little warranty work required. If you had a house built by Willis or Bill and need warranty work, please call. We will fix it.

Right now, Willis is working to finish up the last house he is building as an employee of Ponds & Sons. Bill is working on new bids and the dozens of other details involved with forming a new company. Within a week or two, Willis Sinclair Homes will up and running. Watch for new developments. Although you will see many new things, the phone number and physical address for Bill and Willis will not change. You may reach them anytime at:

Willis Sinclair Homes

24 Gabriel Drive

Lodge, SC 29082

843 846 2500 office

866 650 3587 fax

843 599 9056 mobile

There is an old joke in design circles that goes like this:

Fast. Quality. Cheap. Pick any two.

At Willis Sinclair Homes, you can have all three. The main problem we have with that is we don’t build “cheap.” We build very cost effectively, not cheaply. Homes built by us are built to last generation. Our proposals are very upfront and straightforward. You can see exactly what you are receiving, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

The Willis Sinclair Homes Version:

Fast. Quality. Cost effective. Pick all three!

Call or come by and we will show you our proposals. They are many pages because a house has many details. We will also be happy to explain why we add the improvements we do. We will build your home like it was our home.

Willis Sinclair Homes uses computers and sophisticated software programs to track every detail of your home as it is being built. We project when things need to arrive and schedule workers. Come by or call us and we will show you what we do.

We invite you to call our previous customers and talk with them. We worked very hard for their referrals and will work very hard for your referrals. We don’t play games with pricing, change orders or deceptive practices. If you want stress free home building, please call us.

Call 843 846 2500

willis@willissinclair.com              bill@willissinclalr.com

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