December 2018

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Mandy and Jessy are standing in front of Twig the day they became owners.

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December 2018

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2018 is rapidly coming to a close. We have two homes we are about to finish and a number of smaller jobs that are concluding. We are grateful for all of them. We have a number of upcoming jobs and are happy to have them.

Two of our girls, Mandy and Jessy have just purchased a small boutique, Twig. It is in a little “brick and mortar” building in downtown Walterboro. Twig features items for your home as well as jewelry, clothing and unique gifts.

Twig is located at 225 Washington Street. (Washington Street runs behind the courthouse in Walterboro).

Twig is the girls’ first attempt at a “brick and mortar” (literally) shop. Jessy has had a sole proprietorship for over ten years selling different items online. She began by offering software, then shipping supplies followed by recordings of old radio plays (The Lone Ranger, Johnny Dollar, Sherlock Holmes and such). These shows are in the public domain. Jessy put them on a disk so it was convenient for people to listen to them. Later, she began to sell clothing online as Colbert Clothing. With Colbert Clothing, she also set up a small studio so customers could come view and try on her items.

In her “spare” time Jessy has been writing a weekly blog as the American Lady. She is on her 114th weekly blog. Read more about this venture online at:

Earlier this year, the previous owner of Twig invited Jessy to sell her clothing downtown. This was her first real exposure to a “brick and mortar” presence.

Mandy and Debby (Willis’ wife) have been making and selling jewelry online and at parties for a number of years. They were invited to display at Twig.

Then more recently, Mandy began to help the previous owner of Twig refinish old furniture. One thing led to another and when the owner decided to sell her business, she offered it to the girls. On November 1, Mandy and Jessy (as Everyday Elegance, LLC) took over Twig.

Mandy and Jessy will continue working with us at Willis Sinclair. Jessy helps with book work and Mandy does house checks.

If you would like to see their little shop, please stop by and say, “Hello.” They are open six days each week from 10 am to 5 pm (they close at 3 pm on Saturday). They would love to see you!

Go north on I-95 and get off at Exit 53. Go right on State Road 63 and follow it to downtown Walterboro (about 3 miles). Watch for the large white courthouse on the right. Turn right immediately behind the courthouse on Washington Street. Twig is on the left about the middle of the second block. If you want to drive through the country, take Alt 17. It merges with SR 63 in Walterboro. Twig is about 20 miles (25 minutes) from Brays Island.

I am continually amazed by the girls’ entrepreneurship. Although my son and I had have a small software company a few years ago and Willis and I have been operating Willis Sinclair Homes for ten plus years, I spent most of my career doing electronic circuit design and management at large corporations: Bendix Avionics, Collins Radio (part of Rockwell International), Global Navigation (part of Sundstrand) and Magnavox (part of Philips).

It is exciting to see the girls move forward with their dreams: Mandy and Jessy in retail and Abbey now a project management for Willis Sinclair.

Interior Paint Choices

Choosing interior paint colors is often one of the more complicated, yet important decisions a home owner will have to make.

The obvious place to begin when selecting a color is to consider what colors you prefer. If you are not sure, look in your closet and see what colors you wear most frequently (and what colors you seldom wear).

Sometimes you will get ideas by looking at magazines, web sites or catalogs. You should also notice when you visit homes what colors look good to you.

This bedroom has light colored walls with white trim.

You many want to use neutral colors and dress up your room with a deeper color, perhaps wall paper or maybe even a wood wall. Keep in mind you can often see more than one room from many positions in your home, so be sure to pick colors that compliment each other.

Consider what is outside your windows. Maybe you want a shade of green to go along with the foliage or blue if there is water in view.

If you have furnishings you are going to use in a room, you may want to select one of those colors. This could be upholstery, throws, a quilt or comforter. It could even be a piece of artwork that gives you an idea.

Something else you may consider is looking at historic homes and note the colors that were used in those homes. Often major paint manufacturers have books of historic colors for you to consider.

This room also has white trim with a darker color on the walls.

Before you head to the paint store, do your homework. What will you put in the room? Does the room need to be bright or dark? Does it have a lot of windows? Do you want it light and airy or dark and cozy?

Before you settle on any color, it is a good idea to paint a 36” x 36” square on the wall. Paints have underlying tones which you may not see on a very small sample. It also does not hurt to paint samples adjacent to trim to see how the colors will look together. Remember if you choose a paint based on how it looked on a computer or other digital media, you may be surprised how it actually looks in place.

If you use the same colors of paint (and even the same flooring) from room to room, that tends to tie the rooms together.

How many colors should you have in a home? We have built homes and used three colors inside: ceiling white, a trim paint and a wall paint. On the other hand, one home had 38 different colors in it.

Keep in mind you can use colors for not only the wall and trim, but as accents:

    1. where you paint one wall a lighter or darker shade of the predominate wall color or

    2. multicolored trim.

This room has a wall color, a red accent stripe, two trim colors on the beams and a ceiling color.


There are many shades and saturations to each of these colors so once you have selected a basic color, you need to decide if you want robin egg or deep blue for example. You can also mix these colors to have aqua.

Red is a popular dining room color. Some believe it stimulates the appetite.

Blue is a calming color and is a common favorite of men. Blue appeals to down to earth and easy going people.

Green is not as popular as blue or neutral colors because it can appear harsh with some undertones. A favorite, sage green is a relaxing color for family or living rooms.

Neutral colors can be gray to beige. If the neutral colors are darker, they become more formal. Those who prefer soft neutrals are those who like simplicity and balance.

Yellows are cheerful and bright (think “sunny”). Yellow paint can lighten up a kitchen or brighten most any room. Be careful of yellow with green undertones because it can appear harsh.


Sheen refers to the finish on the paint. Gloss is shiny and easy to clean. It is typically not used in homes.

Trim is usually semi-gloss or satin. Both of these create a hard surface and are easy to clean, though not as shiny as gloss.

Walls are typically a bit duller with an egg shell or even flat sheen. The less glossy the sheen, the better it hides imperfections in the walls, however, the more difficult it is to clean. Touching up paint is easier the flatter it is. If you try to touch up semi-gloss or gloss paint, you often have to paint a large area.

Ceilings are normally a flat white color inside to help keep the room lighter.

I remember I was surprised when I first climbed into an Army tank years ago because it was painted white inside (as are all armored vehicles). White makes the interior brighter.


Typically, we use Sherwin Williams, the largest paint manufacturer in America. They are able to match any color with their equipment. Sherwin Williams also has a store locally which is important for logistical reasons. Benjamin Moore is another quality paint which we also use sometimes.

If you are having trouble deciding, call us. We can point you to an interior decorator or just make suggestions. No charge or obligation, of course. We are here to make the building process easier for you.

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