February 2019

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February 2019

Number 60

From the desk

of Abbey …

How many people do you know that encourage you and build you up? People who when you are around them, you come away feeling happier and glad you ‘bumped into’ them? People who make you feel important and valued, who know your intentions well enough to assume the best of you?

In a world where there are so many jobs available I am again reminded how fortunate I am in the job I have. I do not know many people that could say they work in one of the most picturesque places on earth, with some of the most hardworking and talented people, for the most appreciative and grateful customers ever!

I thank God that I love where I work! That around nearly every corner is a picture begging to be taken. He has certainly created a beautiful paradise on Brays Island! I thank God for His generous provision of suppliers, subcontractors and employees too. The ‘working’ class of people seems to be stretched thin, but we have been so blessed with a team of workers and suppliers that want to work for a living. And last but not least, what makes all of the challenges and ups and downs of running a construction business worthwhile is who we work for – our customers. Our favorite customers have taken the time to get to know us well enough to understand how we work and what our intentions are. They know we want to give them the best possible product for the best possible price. They understand that time is important, but quality is crucial. I would not enjoy working for anyone who I had to work tirelessly every day to prove that I knew what I was talking about, or that I was worth my $/hour, or to have to convince someone that they would be happy with what we had to offer. There is no joy in that! Joy comes from doing what I love for people who love what I do!

To be able to enjoy where one works, to value who one works with and especially, who one works for…as I said, I am so fortunate and grateful!

You all have probably read about my two younger sisters, Mandy and Jessy, who have purchased a home, clothing, jewelry, etc. shop on Washington Street in Walterboro. If you have not made it by, you should go by and see what they have! They have furniture, linens, soaps and lotions, clothing of all sizes, paintings, jewelry and much more. They are always on the lookout for furniture or home goods that they could re-purpose to make their own. Their shop is beautiful and there is even something for your husbands! One of their best selling lines is a gentleman’s line of soaps, lotions, chap sticks, etc.! If you have a chance you should go in and see what they have!

During these colder months please make sure that your well is protected and your hoses are disconnected from spigots. If your spigots are on insulated walls, you probably won’t have a problem with them freezing. If the spigots are on a garage or carport wall or other non insulated wall you may need to cover that spigot or drip it on nights when temperatures are below freezing. If you are not sure, call us. We can help.

Be warm and be well!

Remodels & additions

Do you see some things in your home that should be upgraded or changed? Often, after living in a home for a while or when purchasing a home, there are things that are not quite “you.” Since no home is perfect, it makes sense to make a few changes.


While kitchens and baths are the most common areas that are considered for remodeling, often other areas should be considered. Appliances can become dated looking as can bath fixtures. How about your cabinets and counter tops? The previous owner of your home might not have selected the best materials or colors in your kitchen or baths.

How do the floors look? Here, in the sandy Lowcountry, floors can become worn looking rather quickly. Can you see “paths” in the carpet or on the finish of your wood flooring? Are your floors too dark making your rooms look small? Maybe it is time for a change.

Would some beams on the ceiling add extra depth in your living areas? While some ceiling treatments are complicated to incorporate adding beams, for example, is not that involved.

Perhaps just a fresh coat of paint or wall paper will make your home look great instead of just good.

If you like your cabinets, but they look a little dated, perhaps you should replace the tops, have the cabinets painted and install new hardware. It is amazing what a difference this can make.

This screened porch was not too useful most of the year because of pollen, insects, humidity and temperature.

Maybe you have realized that a screened porch is not too useful with the heat, humidity, pollen and “no-see-ums.” Don’t abandon your porch; glass it. We have removed screen and installed glass on a dozen or so porches in the area. With the addition of heaters and air conditioners, your porch will suddenly become a very pleasant place to enjoy the lowcountry.


With the addition of a ceiling, glass panels and an HVAC unit this porch suddenly became a year around exercise room!
Should you close in your porch so you can use it all year?

If you need more room, perhaps you should consider an addition (that does not look like an addition). We can duplicate exterior siding and trim as well as windows and doors you presently have so your addition looks “original.”

On the inside, we can also match your existing home if you want or we could upgrade it if that is your preference.

The room in the foreground is an added bedroom suite (master bedroom, bath and walk in closet). The entry is through what was originally a window. Once the cedar shakes age they will match the house.

Maybe you need an extra bedroom, den, library or study. What would make your home perfect? If you want to brainstorm ideas, we can help.

This is how the home looked before the bedroom suite addition.

Whether you remodel or add on to your current home, we will do everything possible to make sure your living style is not interrupted. Your home will be temporarily blocked off from the addition or remodeled area so it does not interfere with your daily living. Once work is completed we will clean the upgraded area so it is ready for you to occupy it.

We will gladly discuss possibilities along with problems that might be encountered (such as adding a bathroom in a home on a slab). No cost or obligation to you, of course.

We converted a portion of this wrap around screen porch to a master bedroom suite.

2 Newsflashes!

#1. Willis just passed his Commercial Building Contractor Exam on the first try. This is a big step up from his Residential Builder License.

#2. Bill & Kandy’s son called to say grandchild #34 is scheduled to arrive in August! This will be our son & daughter-in-law’s eleventh child.

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