January 2010

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January 2010

Introducing –

The first book published by

Willis Sinclair Homes!

From Plans to A Home in 26 Weeks

This is a pictorial record of the construction of the Groman residence in full color. It shows what happened week by week. The total construction time was about 123 work days.

You may purchase a paperback copy for $14.95 or download an ebook copy FREE from:


If you want a high quality home built quickly and cost effectively, call or email Willis Sinclair Homes! We can do it!

From the desk

of Willis Ponds …

Wow! It is already 2010! It seems that 2009 really flew by! This past year was very slow for home builders as our economy struggled in recession. Even now, the economy is still weak, but there are some signs that business may be picking up a little.

For anyone wanting a new home now may be the best time to build. With all of the currency being placed into circulation, hyper-inflation is very likely in the near future. That means prices will start climbing and homes will soon become even more expensive to build. Build now if you can to take advantage of low demand, low prices, low inflation and low interest rates.

This month, we are covering Home Warranties. Often in the excitement of getting a house started, the warranty issues are glossed over. That is an issue you should investigate before you sign a contract.

You need an excellent builder with a limited lifetime warranty. If a builder offers a limited lifetime warranty, you can be sure they are going to do an excellent job to prevent future call-backs. At Willis Sinclair Homes we do just that and our call-backs are very minimal. That’s why we can offer a limited lifetime warranty on our new homes.

Willis Ponds

President, Willis Sinclair, Inc.


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Home Warranties and Service

Even after your home is Certified for Occupancy, your punch-out list has been cleared and you have moved in, you don’t want your builder to disappear. No matter how well built a home is, things will come up that need to be addressed. The last thing a new home owner needs is an absent builder or one that drags his feet on corrections and repairs.

Most builders officially offer a one year warranty on new homes. Sometimes it can be difficult to get warranty work done even within the first year.

If a builder built your home with a cost plus contract, you well may be charged for warranty work – if you do get it done. That is not the nicest situation for a homeowner.

At Willis Sinclair Homes, we do our best to provide excellent service. We don’t charge for warranty work even if we had a cost plus contract1. One of our home owners even wrote us: You deserve to be there [on the Inc 500 Award List] for not only the original product, but the follow up which is as important to me. (emphasis added)

We do take our service seriously because we want excellent referrals from each of our clients. We work hard to earn them, and we get them. All of our clients are more than happy to recommend us.

During our routine house checks, if we find problems, we simply fix them rather than bothering our clients. Our clients only find out there was a problem from our house check reports.

If warranty work requires a tradesman, we will initiate, supervise and follow through on the issue freeing our clients from any hassles.

To further give our clients peace-of-mind, Willis Sinclair Homes provides a limited lifetime warranty on homes we build. Of course things do wear out and we cannot replace things that are misused or simply worn out from ordinary use. However, we will do everything we can to help our clients no matter what issue arises.

Ask other builders if they offer a limited lifetime warranty on homes they build. Ask people who have used other contractors if they had any trouble getting their problems resolved. Then ask our clients. We will put you in touch if you want to speak to them directly.

Other builders may say they don’t need to offer a limited lifetime warranty because they build such a good house. If they do build such a good house then they should certainly offer a limited lifetime warranty. It would not cost them anything. Maybe they don’t offer it because they know a limited lifetime warranty would be very expensive especially if their houses are not well built.

You might wonder what can go wrong with a new home. Your home has thousands of parts in it and things can go wrong.

Because we offer a limited lifetime warranty we carefully choose the materials and tradesmen that we utilize. We watch our workers very closely to ensure they are using proper materials in the proper manner and with good workmanship. However, sometimes things do not turn out as intended. When this happens you can rest assured that we will stand behind our homes and make sure that you are happy.

Our limited lifetime warranty does not cover manufacturing defects in materials or mechanical systems. However, we will be happy to assist our clients with any repairs that may be needed. We will make sure that your problem is solved satisfactorily and in a timely manner.

While we believe that we offer our clients the very best in our product and service, we can not build every house. If your home was built by another builder and you aren’t satisfied with the end result, then don’t hesitate to call us. Willis Sinclair Homes will be glad to provide remedial services to bring your house up to your expectations. We will provide the same high level of service for you that we do for our new-home clients. Call us, we can help!

Willis Sinclair Homes, where ‘Built Right’ is the only ‘good enough’ we understand.

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Willis Sinclair Homes is a family business operated by a fourth-generation home builder and a retired professional engineer. Our goal is to build the best quality home possible within our client’s budget while providing personalized service that is second to none. Having your home built by Willis Sinclair isn’t just a pleasant process, it’s an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. We pride ourselves in knowing and providing exactly what our clients want from their home builder.

You want a builder who provides:

  • excellent customer service,

  • uncompromising quality,

  • realistic budgets (no surprises),

  • detailed and specific contracts,

  • single point of contact (job manager),

  • accurate schedule of work,

  • at cost” change orders,

  • full-time job site manager,

  • daily online progress photos,

  • accurate progress reports,

  • as-built photo archive, and

  • a limited lifetime warranty.

You want Willis Sinclair Homes.

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