January 2024: Why We Build and Remodel

Number 117, January 2024

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Just some of the plants that are getting overwintered. Genie will be starting seeds soon!


Our greenhouse

From the Desk of Bill

December 31, 2023 — 

The Christmas season is behind us and everyone will be back to work in a day or two. The month of December is a busy month for me. As many of you know, I write a letter to our children and grandchildren pretty much weekly (47 times in 2023).
A year or two ago, I decided to compile the letters to the children into a book. So far, we have published 3 years of letters. I have been keeping up with the 2023 letters for the next book to have printed. I try to print an earlier year as well as the current year, so someday, I may catch up. 

We also print a family calendar that we distribute to the children. Since there are 8 children, 38 grandchildren, several anniversaries and other dates, it is difficult to keep up. About ten or twelve years ago, I started printing a calendar with family dates and family photos on it for easy reference. Debby (Willis’ wife and one of our daughters) edits photos for the calendar and it looks very nice. We just got the 2024 ones back from the printer. 

Jessy, our youngest daughter, in addition to owning Twig and Colleton Coffee with one of her sisters, Mandy, also writes a weekly blog. I collect those and make a book out of them annually. She is working on her eighth book now. She sells the The American Lady volumes at their coffee shop in Walterboro.

We also have our annual company meeting as I mentioned previously where we look back at the nearly past year and talk about how we can do better next year. Doing the best possible job is important to us and one of the things that motivates us. Of course, it takes time to prepare reports and notes for the meeting. 

Although I am busy, I manage to read a good bit. This year, it looks like (as of December 29), I’ll finish over 60 books. Some were small; some, large. Some were novels, some textbooks. Some technical, some historic. I fill in “cracks”  in my schedule (waiting for appointments, etc.) by reading. Often reading gives me ideas for the letters I write the children and grandchildren.

I have also been serving as Duke Buckner’s Campaign Manager. Duke is running for the U. S. Representative in South Carolina’s 6th District against Jim Clyburn. Mr. Clyburn has been our representative for over 30 years. Sadly, the 6th district is the poorest district in South Carolina and one of the poorest districts (about 7 from the bottom — approximately 427 districts are in better shape than District 6) in America. It seems like after 30 years, things would be better. 

Everyone was out raking leaves and doing a good yard cleanup this past week. I used my white truck to haul leaves to the burn pile. On the third load, several of the grandchildren climbed into the truck to “help” unload. Since I was just driving across the field and not on the road, I was fine with that. As I was leaving the yard, I heard a loud, “Stop!, Stop!” When I looked Edith, our 3 year old granddaughter was holding up her hand like she was directing traffic and shouted again. She came running to get in the truck, too!

Then when we were raking the leaves out of the truck onto the burning pile of leaves, Edith started pointing at the fire and announced she smelled smoke. There were clouds of smoke everywhere. It was fun!

Genie is Willis & Debby’s oldest daughter and third child. She is a good photographer, an accomplished cook and an avid gardener. 

Genie takes care of plants in the greenhouse and starts new seeds.

Genie will be helping me with photos for the newsletters as well as the family letters I write the children and grandchildren. 

(Genie 16-1/2 years ago)

Pansies from Genie’s Garden

Genie has hundreds of flowers around the yard. She really has a green thumb. 

Genie Today

Building and remodeling homes is difficult.

Why do we do it?

Home building is a complex task. There are literally thousands of decisions that have to be made and executed in the process. Some people are able to make the job look easy, but remember what Jeff Immelt, past chairman and CEO of General Electric said, “Every job looks easy … until you are the one doing it.” Looking easy and being easy are two totally different things.

Not only does a builder have to meet the customer’s desires, he also has to interface with subs, suppliers, designers, the homeowners association, the building department and others to make the process move as smoothly as possible.

With a challenging job such as building new custom homes or remodels, one might wonder why anyone would do it. There are plenty of jobs that don’t require the hours or stress of home building. Why, indeed?

Home building is our family’s tradition. We are currently in our fifth generation as home builders. It is something we are good at and have always enjoyed doing. We continue to build to pass down the art of home building to future generations.

Building homes requires a wide variety of skills and talents. As such it gives us the opportunity to provide employment for a wide variety of people. No matter what someone’s interest may be, we can usually find a place for them in the home building process.

Another part of our “Why?” is that we get great satisfaction in building homes that last for people who appreciate them and who value the personalized services we provide. Homes that can be shared and passed down to children and grandchildren. As such, we build houses as well as we can so they will last as long as possible.

We enjoy helping others realize their dreams, whether a new home or a remodeled home. It is very satisfying to see plans take shape and become a reality. It is fun and challenging to take a home owner’s dreams or desires and come up with a solution that not only solves a problem, but also brings them joy.

There is also the satisfaction of creating something – something of beauty that will stand the test of time because it is well built. Obviously, we don’t create something out of nothing like God did, but we “create” using existing materials and resources. Watching a patch of dirt turn into a home is very gratifying.

Another part of our “Why?” is organizing and orchestrating the process. It can be a challenging undertaking, but making it move smoothly from one phase to another is fulfilling. Home builders are a bit like orchestra conductors. They know when the different instruments should sound and when something gets out of step and should be corrected. That is not unlike the building process. There are ups and downs, problems and solutions, but in the end, it will all come together in a beautiful symphony that will be the culmination of your dreams. We will not stop until you can give us an unreserved referral.

It is a joy to see other people’s dreams come true. Do you have dreams of building or remodeling? Call or text us (843 846 2500) or email us (info@willissinclair.com) we can help. No cost or obligation, of course.

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