June 2018

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June 2018

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From the desk

of Abbey …

Garden fresh vegetables, flowers of every variety and color, longer days, brighter sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass, birds singing at the crack of dawn….Summer is almost here!

Many of our customers are absent from Brays during summertime. This makes the summer our prime time to do their projects. We have a full schedule this summer and are looking forward to what will be accomplished in just a few short months!

Brays Island has been very busy and it feels like there are a lot of new home owners coming in and we find that exciting! Homes are being bought and sold and we are meeting new people and making new friends. Something else I have been happy to see is a few more home owners making Brays their full time residence! Brays is beautiful all year around and to have more and more people here to enjoy the beauty is wonderful!

For those who have recently purchased an existing home you might want to make a few changes, even if the home is only a few years old There are little things that can and will make a huge difference. A difference that could increase the longevity of your home and potentially help with resale value!

  • The original siding and trim color that was chosen years ago, changed out for a newer color can really update and change the look of a house!

  • Changing light bulbs and fixtures from halogen to LED? Lower energy, less light-bulb-changing – yes please!

  • Changing the old, yellowed paddle switches to Decora switches with screw less plate covers!

  • Switching out water heaters for tankless gas heaters? They are far more efficient and provide endless hot water.

Those are just a few of the changes that can make a big difference to both the house and how you feel about where you live!

Do you have something you would like to update or change about your home or maybe your neighbor’s home – just kidding about the latter! Are you curious if there are things you aren’t seeing that should be updated or changed out? If you need help just let us know!

As most of you know, Mandy is doing the house checks for me, and it has been a huge help! This summer I will be covering two weeks of house checks for her while she is gone on vacation in June. I will let you know if there is anything to report at your home, but otherwise there will not be an email or a report until she returns

A very happy summer to all of you!

From Bill: In June, Kandy, Mandy, Jessy and I will be taking four more grandchildren on a trip out west. We will leave June 16th and return July 1st if all goes according to plan. I’ll write more details when I write the newsletter next month.

While I will be gone for two weeks, be assured work will continue on my projects. Abbey and Willis will be on Brays keeping them moving along quickly.

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

When you are enjoying a nice gentle breeze on your deck, it seems difficult to believe the wind could do much damage.

The two photos at the bottom of the page show what wind can do. In the second photo, the house is gone. Not damaged. Gone. There is nothing left except the slab.

This is an extreme case to be sure. That does not mean hurricanes won’t damage homes here. Hurricane Matthew was a category 1 (the lowest category) storm and there were many, many trees downed here.

Before Katrina . . .

. . . after Katrina.
(the tree survived; the house did not)
Katrina was Category 5.

The wind damage to homes was minor, but the damage from trees was significant. Several homes had trees through the roof. Power was out. Roads were blocked. Access to Beaufort County was closed.

This is the number of hurricanes that have occurred on specific dates in the last 100 years. Clearly some occur before and after hurricane season. The most likely time for a hurricane is mid September.

What can you do to mitigate hurricane damage? Assuming your home is well built, you probably don’t have to do much with it. Look at your trees. Do any need trimming? Can you see any dead limbs? (Dead limbs typically get brittle. They don’t bend in the wind, they break.)

Do you have any loose items in the yard such as lawn furniture, grills, decorative ornaments and things like that? Those need to be put in a garage or out of the wind somewhere. You may need your windows and/or doors covered.

Hurricane Season is June 1 to November 30. Historically 97% of the storms occur during this season.

What if you are not here when storm warnings are issued? You need someone to take care of your home for you both before and after a storm hits. We provide such a service.

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane

Wind Scale




Tropical Depression

Up to 38

Can produce heavy rain and cause flooding.

Tropical Storm

39 – 74

Heavy rains which cause flooding and water saturated ground which destabilizes trees.


74 – 95

Very dangerous. May have roof or gutter damage. Trees may be uprooted


96 – 110

Extremely dangerous. Major roof damage possible. Trees uprooted or snapped. Power loss could last days.


111 – 129

Devastating damage. Major damage possible to roofs. Many trees uprooted and broken.


130 – 156

Catastrophic damage. Loss of roofs and exterior walls likely. Damage from flying debris probable.


Over 157

Catastrophic damage. Many frame homes and trees will be destroyed. Area may be uninhabitable for weeks.

We will make sure your home is closed up tightly, windows covered if necessary, store all of your loose items in your garage or house and then check on it after the storm. There is just one catch. We do this for our current customers first.

Typically when a storm approaches, we are swamped with people wanting us to take care of their homes. Sometimes, we just run out of time and cannot help everyone. If you want to get on our “Check My Home If There Is A Storm Coming” list call Abbey (843 599 2302) and tell her what you want us to do (i.e., cover your windows, turn off your water, put items in the garage, et cetera).

There is no charge or obligation to get on our list. If a storm does approach, we will charge for our time to prepare your home.

After the storm passes, we will make sure there was no water damage or damage to your home. If there was any damage, we will make temporary repairs as quickly as possible to help minimize weather damage. We will notify you of the damage and the action we took.

If necessary, we will take photos and interface with your insurance adjuster. We will remove window and door protection if we installed it. We will also give you a report (along with photos if necessary) of how your home did.

Storms can cause damage, but you can be prepared for them. We can help. Call us.

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