June 2021: Hurricane season is here. Are you prepared?





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June 2021
Number 88

Never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice
so that we could live free. 
Remember Why
We Celebrate
Memorial Day!
“…we are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we may be free”
— President Ronald Reagan

Granddaughter Edith, Willis & Debby’s youngest, is “loving” one of Gramma’s (Kandy’s) flowers.
P. S. The flower survived. 

From the
                  Desk of Mandy

As we approach Father’s Day, my thoughts turn to the most important man in my life: my Daddy.
My favorite childhood memories involve ‘helping’ him with his current project. I recall him having torn down the transmission on our van, years ago; he was rebuilding it. I didn’t really know at that point what ‘torn down’ meant, but he let me ‘help’ him put it back together and I was thrilled! I always thought that if I could get my hands nice and greasy, it meant I had been working hard. (How my Mother must have loved that!)
I’ve learned a great deal from my Father throughout my life – but somehow he always has more to share! I am so grateful for the things that I have learned and am learning from him.
I remember when he taught us about a concept called “both ends of the stick”. This is the fascinating idea that when you choose an action, you also choose the consequences that follow the action. If you choose the action of napping on a train track, you are also choosing the likely consequence of being run over by a train. If you choose the action of driving with your eyes closed, you choose the consequence of causing severe damage to yourself and others. Actions have consequences! I like to take the thought a little further and say this: if you have results you do not like, it is likely because you didn’t look ahead when you picked up a certain stick. Look back and see just what choice it was you made (what stick you picked up) that brought the undesired consequence. Change your choices, change your results, change your life!
Another important thing I have learned from my Dad is that “completion includes clean-up”. Whatever you are doing, even once you’re “done” with it, you’re not “finished” until the area is clean and the tools are put away in their proper places.

At Willis Sinclair we also believe in “finishing” what we started. It is so very important to take pride in our work!
To my Daddy: Thank you for being the best Father ever. I love you dearly and I am so proud to be your daughter! 

Hurricane season is here. Are you prepared?

As usual, the National Hurricane Center predicts this will be a worse than normal season. Perhaps it will be and perhaps not, however it is much better to be prepared and have no serious storms than to not be prepared and have a hurricane land near us. 

The chances of a hurricane and a major hurricane hitting us.

We are located near marker 36 on this map. That means the chance of a hurricane (over 74 mph winds) landing here is about 7% (or once every 14 years). The chance of a major hurricane (over 125 mph winds — roughly category 3, 4 or 5 — is about 1% or once per 100 years). These are historical statistics, so that does not mean we will or will not have a hurricane.
No matter the chances of a major storm, if one does strike, it is best to be prepared. For that matter it is best to be prepared even if one does not land here. 
Most of the newer (25 years old or less) homes in our area are relatively well built and most likely any damage from the wind would be to shingles or other minor losses. There are other things to consider, however. Along with strong wind is often debris flying around. While well built homes can withstand wind, flying debris is another story. 
Protecting your windows, the most vulnerable part of your home when considering flying debris is important. Some people have impact rated glass windows and doors. Those require no additional protection, but they must be latched properly to be effective. If you don’t have impact rated windows, you really need some sort of exterior covering on your windows (typically plywood, corrugated metal or heavy fabric). You will also need someone to install the protection for you. 
Another area for last minute preparation is securing any lawn furniture or items that may blow and become windborne debris. 
Yet another thing to consider, especially in our area, is falling trees. There are many trees here and wind exerts tremendous force on them. To compound the problem, usually before a hurricane lands, there will be torrential rain that saturates the ground. If the ground is saturated, trees don’t have near the stability as they would in dry ground. That means trees that can ordinarily stand in heavy winds could fall. If one is over or close to your house, that could be a problem. 
Historically, most of the damage from hurricanes in our area is falling trees or limbs. Windborne debris also has caused significant damage. 
If you are at the beach with a gentle wind in your face, it might seem wind does not amount to much. Don’t be caught unaware. Wind can exert a tremendous force. According to sciencing.com, a 100 mile per hour (category 2 hurricane) blowing perpendicularly on a 20′ x 40′ billboard will exert about 300,000 pounds of force on the sign. The force is a function of wind velocity squared, so an increase in wind speed to 125 miles per hour (category 3) will apply a force of approximately 468,000 pounds of force on the same sign. 

What can you do to mitigate the risk of damage to your home? One thing you can do is look at your trees. Are there any large dead or broken limbs? If so, they need to be removed before a hurricane removes them for you. If you would like for us to check your trees, call us: 843 846 2500. We will check them or arrange for a tree specialist to evaluate your situation.

Also, you should have someone secure things around your home if a storm approaches. We would be happy to do that for you if you wish. Since there is usually a lot of preparation for us to do when a storm approaches, we serve our current customers first. If we have time, we will happily help you.
If you want to get on our priority list for storm prep, call Mandy (843 846 2500) and ask her to add you to the list. There is no charge for this service unless we have storm warning. If a storm approaches, we will secure your home and outdoor furniture. After the storm, we will open your home, check for any damage and replace your outdoor furniture (or anything else you wish us to do). We charge you hourly for closing and opening your home, not for being on our list. If you are not on our list, call us — we will try to get to your home, but understand those on our list have priority for our time.
Will we have a serious storm this year? No one knows. Should you be prepared just in case? Absolutely. Call us. We can help. 843 846 2500.
Next month, we will discuss solar power (and maybe other “green” sources of energy). 
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