April 2017

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April 2017

From The Desk

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Barnwell State Park

Kandy and I spent a few days at Barnwell State Park in February. The park is located between Barnwell and Blackville — about 80 miles north-northwest of Sheldon. The park was built by the CCC back in the 1930s.

Large trees were broken like twigs.

Basically, there is little to do at the park except hike and fish. I suppose that is why we like it – there is little to do except relax.

When we arrived, we noticed a number of trees that were snapped off – not like the uprooting during Hurricane Matthew a few months ago here in the Lowcountry, but trees, big trees, were just broken. (Some were uprooted, too.)

A tornado had hit a week or so earlier. It damaged six of the park structures, but destroyed none. Most damages were relatively minor, however, the ranger’s home had significant roof damage with two trees on it. Thankfully, no one, not even the tent camper who was there, was injured. I would not want to be in a tent when a tornado was passing through the woods less than half a mile away!

Grandchild #33

Kandy and I were just told by our son and daughter-in-law in Missouri we have grandchild number 33 on the way! ETA September 25.

Ballroom Dancing

Marcia, teacher extraordinaire

For the past year or two, Kandy and I have been taking dance lessons in Beaufort at Revolution Ballroom (upstairs to the right of BiLo when you are facing BiLo). Marcia Mitchell, studio owner, is a very good, patient (she hasn’t asked me to not come back yet) and encouraging teacher. If you would like to learn some dance steps, meet new friends or just have a good time, call Marcia (843 338 2870) or sign up online. If you mention my name, you will get a free class. (If you don’t mention my name you still get the free class and probably not so many questions.) The website is:


Our Workshop

It seems appropriate that in our newsletter about remodeling, we would show you some remodeling we are doing. We have a moderately sized workshop for our tools and supplies. We are in the process of adding a deck for more storage area. Hopefully, it will be completed in the next few weeks.

We are remodeling our workshop by adding a loft for storage. Kandy is looking at the progress.


Although your home may be very nice, there could still be areas where it could be improved. If you think you would like to make some upgrades we would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your ideas.

Screened Porches

One of the most popular remodels we have done in the last few years is to close in screened porches. At first glance a screened porch is a very nice addition to your home. However, you may not find yourself using your screened porch as often as you would like due to pollen, no-see-ums (sand gnats), temperature and humidity. If you like a wide open room where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, what do you do? You replace your screens with insulated glass!

This was a screened porch. It is now a beautiful all season porch. No pollen. No bugs. No humidity. Just a panoramic view.

By closing in a screened porch with glass (and adding a small air conditioner) you can have the best of both worlds: beauty and comfort. You can enjoy your porch when pollen is coating everything, it is hot and humid or if the insects are looking for a meal (you).

Fortunately, replacing screening with glass and adding an air conditioner is not too involved and thus not too expensive. Call us and we will go over the specific details of your porch and discuss options for enclosing it.

You might even want to convert your screened porch to a totally different room. We remodeled one screened porch as a very cozy den complete with subtle lighting, warm wood paneling, a wet bar, comfortable seating areas and book cases. Screened walls were paneled on the inside and finished on the outside to match the house. Fine wood flooring was installed and the porch was transformed into a beautiful room. Do you have a porch that you would like to upgrade?

This screened porch is now a heated & cooled, beautiful exercise room.

We have also remodeled a screened porch into a hunting and fishing gear room – really a bit of a man cave.

We have even remodeled a deck (with no roof) as an enclosed porch. How could you better use your screened porch?

If you have a screened porch attached to your bedroom, should you enclose the porch to enlarge your bedroom? We can make the enclosure look as if it were original. Our remodels don’t look like remodels unless you want them to look that way.


Closets are another area that people often like to upgrade. Of course, you can purchase a closet system and have it installed or you can have us design and build a completely custom closet. Some of the features we have built into closets are cedar lined walls, full-extension drawers, custom height hanging rods, adjustable shelves, sloped shoe shelves, shoe cubbies, clothing cubbies, special lighting, mirrors, islands, benches, jewelry safes, televisions and glass enclosed display cases. We can design and build whatever you can imagine – as long as there is room for it!

We will design your new closet on paper and then print a rendering of how it will look when it is finished. We will give more details about closet remodels in a future newsletter.


Is your bathroom looking old and tired? We can help. We have done everything from minor upgrades to total bath remodels with new cabinets, counter tops, heated floors, showers, plumbing fixtures, mirrors, flooring, lighting and paint. Want to add or remove a bidet? Need to add or remove a window? Would you like new tile in your shower, or would you just like to update your plumbing fixtures? We can help you with any of these things.

Do you need an additional bathroom? It might be possible to add one without major reconstruction. Maybe you need to make your bathroom handicap accessible. We will be glad to design and build the perfect bathroom to fit your needs.

This dining room was a screened porch before we remodeled it.


This kitchen…

The kitchen is another room that is popular to remodel. Do you need more working space? Do you need upgraded appliances? Do you want the traffic flow changed? Do you just want to change your counter tops?

…became this kitchen.

Call us.

We will be happy to come visit with you and help you decide how you can improve your home. No cost or obligation, of course.

Next month we will discuss some larger remodels and additions we have built that might interest you. Thinking about a new master suite or other living area. We can help.

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