February 2017

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All of us went to Bill’s ( our son) home in Missouri between Christmas and New Year. This is 16 (of our 32) grandchildren and 5 (of our 8) children, our daughter-in-law (Liz), a son-in-law (Willis), my wife (Kandy) and me (Bill). Alice, the leukemia champion, is between Kandy and me. It was a great time.

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February 2017

From The Desk

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News …

We are starting a new home on Brays Island on Pinckney Landing Drive.

The lot has a very nice marsh view. The home will have a detached garage. Plans are being finalized and construction will begin in a few weeks.

Can You Solve 100 Math Problems In Less Than

5 Minutes … At 6 a.m.?

One thing I do with four of our grandchildren here in South Carolina is have a daily math drill with them. They have a quiz with 100 problems, 108 ÷ 9, for example (the difficulty is adjusted to their grade). The goal is to finish all 100 problems in less than 5 minutes (3 seconds per problem) and get at least 98% correct.

It is not unusual for several of the four to get 100% correct. Nor is it unusual for some to finish in under 4 minutes (3:01 is the fastest so far)! Of course, neatness counts – if I cannot read the answer, it is incorrect.

It was difficult for them at first as many things are for all of us. We have been doing speed drills for six or eight months and now it is no big deal.

Personal Note

I have missed a few days at work because of minor medical issues. Over the years, I have had a number of basal cell carcinomas (skin cancer) removed (28 so far). (No, I did not spend a lot of time in the sun, but I did work for 35 years or so under fluorescent lights.) Although it is not really a big deal, sometimes (often), the stitches limit my movements. Also the local anesthetic seems to really wipe me out as it dissipates. It just leaves me exhausted for a few days.

Although I might not be at the office, we still make sure the jobs are running smoothly and are well documented.

Finishing up …

In a few weeks, we will be finishing a home we are constructing on Pinckney Bluff. There is a Main House, a Guest House and a Garage. Right now, we are finishing the interior trim and cabinet installation. Counter top templating will be in a few days. Once the counter tops are installed, we will paint and then finish the mechanical items (install HVAC grills, install plumbing fixtures, install electrical outlets and switches and such).

Is There a Subject Which Interests You?

We want these newsletters to be useful and informative. If there is a subject related to home building or ownership which interests you, please let us know. We will do our best to address it.


(Note: I try to keep these articles simple, but this subject matter will be over your head.)

Solid western red cedar beams on a wood ceiling in a home we built.

People often don’t give much thought to ceilings, yet they can really give a room a special feeling. Many rooms have a flat ceiling and crown molding (trim around the edge of the ceiling). There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but there are many other options you could consider. Some of these options would be best for new construction (an addition, major remodel or new home). Others can be done in an existing home.

This is a ceiling beam that we are fabricating on a vaulted ceiling with a flat center. The finished beam is on the left. It will be painted.

Many ceilings are dry wall, but wood ceilings are also popular. The wood can be painted or it can be stained. Also, the wood can be V-groove, beaded, shadow gap or just flat. Often, it is possible to build a wood ceiling over a smooth drywall ceiling with minimal effort and expense. Stamped tin (or vinyl) ceilings are also available in many patterns if you want a retro look.

This tray ceiling is in an addition we built.

Another easy treatment is the addition of ceiling beams. While these beams appear to support the ceiling or roof, they are usually superficial.

Beams can match patterns in the floor for added interest.

The beams can be solid beams or they can be fabricated (especially if they are to be painted). Beams can run around the room or on the ceiling. In most houses, the beams are for appearance only and do not provide structural support.

This vaulted ceiling has fabricated beams. The beams will be painted.

A ceiling does not have to be flat. It can be vaulted (sloped to appear to match the roof). Vaulted ceilings make a room feel larger and more grand. Vaulted ceilings may or may not come to a point at the peak. Many grand churches and cathedrals employ vaulted ceilings to create a feeling of awe.

The ceiling beams in this kitchen we built were faux finished to look old.

Very high, flat ceilings also create a grand ambiance. They don’t have to be vaulted to make a room feel spacious.

The ceiling of this bedroom we built is vaulted on eight sides to a high flat center.

Barrel ceilings are similar to vaulted ceilings except they are curved in an arc.

There are also some special treatments you may want to consider on your ceiling. One of these is a tray ceiling. A tray ceiling looks like an upside down tray. The ceiling in the center of the room is higher than its perimeter.. The raised part of a tray ceiling can be the shape of the room or some other shape for dramatic effect. Tray ceilings can also be used to hide indirect lighting.

This coffered ceiling is in a home we built.

A coffered ceiling is similar to a tray ceiling except instead of one large area that is higher that the perimeter, there are many areas, separated by beams.

Skylights are another ceiling treatment that bring natural light into what might be a dark room.

Skylights brighten this office we built.

What if you want to dress up a ceiling in your home? Without major work, you cannot make a vaulted or barrel ceiling. Adding wood (or tin) to your ceiling may not be overly complicated. Upgrading your crown molding is also a rather easy change. Skylights might (or might not) be easy to retrofit. If you need personalized suggestions how to make changes to your ceiling, call us. We’ll be happy to discuss possibilities with you. You will have no charge or obligation.

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