July 2017

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This is our viewing platform (the bed of Grampa’s truck) for the 2017 Memorial Day parade in Aiken. From left: Will, Genie, Mandy, Kandie, Jane, Gramma Kandy, Jerry and Jessy. Grampa/Papa/Bill is behind the camera.


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July 2017

Number 41

From the desk

of Bill …

This has been a busy year. By the time you receive this newsletter, 2017 will be half history. We have finished a new home and are excited to be starting another with another in the queue.. We are also working on a number of projects.

Memorial Day Parade

When I was a boy (long ago and far away), I remember going to a parade or maybe two. I don’t recall the occasions for the parades, however.

A little over four years ago, I happened to notice a Memorial Day parade notice. It was to be held in Aiken, South Carolina. When I searched on the Internet for a closer one, I was a surprised how few cities still have parades to celebrate Memorial Day.

Kandy and I decided it would be a good experience for the grandchildren, so in 2014, we took the grandchildren and watched the parade. This year was our fourth parade. Five of the seven local grandchildren and two of our daughters joined us.

The crowds seemed much larger than in the past and the parade seemed longer than previous years. There were military vehicles, marching bands, firetrucks, old tractors, old cars, motorcycles and of course, politicians.

I think it is essential for our young people to have an understanding and appreciation for our history as a nation. (Obviously, it has not been all good, but we can learn from mistakes as well as our victories.) A parade seems like a fun way to do this. If you have a chance, visit the parade in Aiken. It is normally the Saturday before Memorial Day.

In the paper again

Mandy (left) in the Colletonian.

Our girls are really go-getters. Debby (Willis’ wife) and Mandy make jewelry as many of you know (geniesboutique.com). Jessy has a lady’s clothing boutique (colbertclothing.com). In May, they participated in a lady’s night out event in Walterboro. The event featured a fashion show in which Abbey and Mandy (and others) modeled clothing while Jessy manned their sales table. The local (Walterboro) Colletonian ran a photo of Mandy in their article.

So far our girls have been in the Colletonian, the front page of the Aiken Standard and the cover of our electric coop magazine.

Mandy Now Checking Homes

In June, Mandy once again started working with us outside of the office. She is now doing some of the house checks. Mandy is still helping in the office with newsletter distribution and other jobs as needed.

Jessy’s Bookwork & Blog

Jessy is doing much of the company bookwork to free Abbey for other tasks. In her spare time she writes a blog under the pen name Hope at www.theamericanlady.com.

Need More Storage?

If you are short storage places, remodeling a closet might be just what you need to do. Of course, some modular closets or other prefabs may work, but we believe there is a much better solution: let us design and build a custom closet just for you.

We built this closet with a number of shoe cubbies. It also has an island with hanging rods. There are a number of other hanging areas not in the photo.

We can design exactly what you need and are not constrained by what we have on the shelf or what is in a catalog.

Do you need shoe cubbies? We can do that. They can be adjustable in height. They can be flat or sloped so you can see your shoes better. They can be close to the floor or they can be anywhere you like.

Do you need rods for hanging long clothing? Not a problem. We can put rods any height you like. Typically we use heavy steel rods (painted or chrome) so you don’t have to be concerned about flimsy rods sagging or collapsing.

We can stack rods for shorter items such as skirts, slacks or shirts. The rods would be held in brackets or cups for easy removal in case you want to convert a double rod section to a tall rod section. Just lift the rod out of its cups (or call us; we’ll do it for you). If you like, we can install a number of cups so you can adjust the height of the rod wherever you like.

This custom designed and built closet has adjustable shelves and double hanging rods on the left wall. The back wall has adjustable shelves and a bank of drawers. The right side has more hanging rods.

Do you have sweaters or other items you like to keep folded? Maybe you need some adjustable shelves just for those articles. We can design exactly what you need.

In the event you are not sure what you need, we will be happy to brainstorm with you so you can have precisely what you want.

Do you need a bank or two of drawers? Again, that is no problem. We can make drawers shallow so they are useful for holding jewelry or other small items or deep for sweats or sweaters. Our “standard” size is whatever size you want.

Speaking of jewelry, do you need a safe in your closet? We can and have installed safes for several clients. They can be visible or hidden (behind a mirror, door, hanging clothes or some other cover).

How about lighting? When we remodel a closet, we can often change (improve) the lighting. We can add lights that are close to daylight so colors look like they will outside. We have even installed lights that change color, so you can see how something will look under artificial or natural light.

There are a number of advantages to having us design and build a closet system for you. First, we will sit down with you and design exactly what you want. We don’t have to try to make something work.

Secondly, is we will be on the project from the first pencil mark to the final cleaning. There will be no finger pointing or referring you to someone else. We will take care of everything.

Further, we use quality hardwood plywood and trim, not particle board like most systems. Particle board is flat and easy to use. It is smooth and looks nice. Unfortunately, if it gets chipped, it is difficult to repair so it looks like new. Particle board also tends to sag after a few years. Plywood shelves remain straight and flat.

This closet has double rods, a set of adjustable shelves and a high rod at the far end.

When comparing our custom systems to commercially available systems, not only will you get what you want and only what you want with our design, but often it will cost you less.

If you change your mind or see something you want to change while we are building your new closet, just mention it. We’ll discuss the possibility with you and incorporate it if you like. There is no ordering new parts from some company and waiting for their arrival.

This closet has shoe shelves, an island with drawers, a hanging rod behind mirror doors in the rear and lots of storage.

You won’t have to ask what our standard colors are either. Since we carefully caulk, putty, prime, sand and add a couple of coats of quality paint, you can have any color you like – no extra charge. If you want stained wood, we can do that, but it will be more expensive than painted. However, if you want an artificial looking wood grain, we cannot help you.

Since a closet remodel is strictly interior work, the ARB is not concerned. As long as it does not involve anything structural, such as moving load bearing walls, permitting is also not an issue.

Need more space? Call us. We can help.

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